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Teeth Whitening Voucher

Click here to download and print your teeth whitening voucher.

Your voucher will open in a new windows. Print and present this voucher during your initial consultation for discount to be applied.

What does this tooth whitening treatment involve?

A dental professional will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth to allow a specially fitting tray to be made. At home, whitening gel is placed in the tray and worn overnight or a minimum of 3 hours during the day. This is carried out for an average of two weeks.

Who can have tooth whitening carried out?

Tooth whitening is suitable for most adult patients although it is not recommended for expectant mums.

Will it work on my crowns or veneers?

Tooth whitening only works on natural tooth tissue. It will not lighten crowns, veneers or fillings. It is possible to have these replaced to match the lightened colour of your teeth.Will it work on my crowns or veneers?

Is it safe?

Home whitening has been carried out safely for over two decades.
Some patients experience a little sensitivity but this can easily be treated with a desensitising agent.

Contact with clothing should be avoided as it may cause damage.

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AlexTeeth Whitening Voucher

Avoid “Tooth Whitening Cowboys”

The regulating body for the practice of dentistry in the UK is the General Dental Council, also know as the GDC. The General Dental Council views all the tooth whitening procedures (including bleach and laser treatments) as a practice of the dentistry, therefore the GDC can give advice of such procedures and keep database of registered practitioners of such procedures designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth.

The GDC has now long ago changed is position according with which only dentist could undertake tooth whitening, and expanded the list of authorised persons to carry such treatments in addition to dentist to: dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians. However, this persons would be able to carry tooth whitening treatment only on the prescription of a dentist, according with GDC Regulations.

Before taking any tooth whitening treatment anywhere, we strongly recommend that you check the GDC registrar to see if the persons carrying the treatment is authorised to do so by the GDC. You can easily check the GDC registrar here:

It has been seen in many cases that such treatments are carried by un-authorised persons, which do not posses enough skills to practice such treatments. In some cases this actions could have a very bad impact to the tooth whitening service user.

As you can see on the GDC website, where there is sufficient evidence that the regulations are broke by dental practices or beauty salons or individuals, the GDC might take legal action including prosecution. You can find such cases on the GDS press releases section:

More details about tooth whitening standards can be found also on the General Dental Council website by visiting:

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AlexAvoid “Tooth Whitening Cowboys”

New Website Released

Shawlands Dental Care has released today, 14 December 2016 a new website for it’s Glasgow South Side based Dental Practice.

Our website is accessible from all devices including Iphone, Andrid Phone, Tablets, Laptop and Desktops and we have plan it in a way that the information will be easily accessible. We hope you will find all the relevant information you require on our website and we welcome your feedback if you have any comments in how to improve our dental clinic website. You can leave your feedback or contact us with any matter using the  Contact Us page.

As you might notice by the green lock in your browser URL address, our website uses a 256 bit encryption certificate, also know as SSL. This means that all the information submitted on our website is encrypted so your details are safe with us, as Shawlands Dental Care takes all the measures required to keep you data safe and secure.

Don’t forget that you can now book your appointments on-line using our website.

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AlexNew Website Released