The regulating body for the practice of dentistry in the UK is the General Dental Council, also known as the GDC. The General Dental Council views all the tooth whitening procedures (including bleach and laser treatments) as a practice of the dentistry, therefore the GDC can give advice of such procedures and keep a database of registered practitioners of such procedures designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth.

The GDC has now long ago changed is position according to which only the dentist could undertake tooth whitening, and expanded the list of authorised persons to carry such treatments. In addition to the dentist, teeth whitening can now be carried by to dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians. However, this persons would be able to carry tooth whitening treatment only on the prescription of a dentist, according to the GDC Regulations.

Before taking any tooth whitening treatment anywhere, we strongly recommend that you check the GDC registrar to see if the persons carrying the treatment is authorised to do so by the GDC. You can easily check the GDC registrar here:

It has been seen in many cases that such treatments are carried by un-authorised persons, which do not possess enough skills to practice such treatments. In some cases, this actions could have a very bad impact on the tooth whitening service user.

As you can see on the GDC website, where there is sufficient evidence that the regulations are broke by dental practices or beauty salons or individuals, the GDC might take legal action including prosecution. More details about tooth whitening standards can be found on the General Dental Council website by visiting:

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